Crockstar Meals

Crockstar is a crockpot meal prep company! We prep a quick, easy and delicious dinner for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Simply toss our meal and your protein in to your crockpot and enjoy coming back home to a delicious meal. It's super simple and yummy! We look forward to doing business with you & Happy Crockstar-ing!

No. Each Crockstar meal comes with a special spice blend. You add your protein and maybe one or two other simple ingredients.

All meats AND Crockstar meals can absolutely go in the crockpot frozen! You do not have to alter your cook times unless it is a large or thick meat like a roast. In that case, add an hour or two depending on how large the meat is.

Always follow the directions on the bag. If it doesn't say to add water that means the juices from the meat will be plenty of liquid for that meal.

Yes! We also offer Dairy Free, Soy Free, Low Carb and Keto! See our Nutrition Facts page for more information.

Every meal is 6-8 servings.

Each meal is different. Some meals you will just add the protein and others may call for 1-2 other simple ingredients.

Dry meals are good for a year in the pantry, fridge or freezer (it's all preference). Wet meals are good in the refrigerator for up to 1 week and in the freezer for up to a year. If you add the meat before you freeze the meal, they are good for up to 6 months in the freezer.

Yes! Please see our nutrition facts located at the bottom of this website.

All ingredients needed will be listed on each package. However, all proteins can be switched for a different type of protein if you want to try something different!

We currently offer a Keto & Low Carb Menu. We are constantly looking for ways to help our customers be the best person they can be and we will continue to strive to always have a healthy option when possible. We have several meals on the menus that are considered Low Carb that are not necessarily on the Low Carb/Keto Menu that we have offered for a long time. So be sure to check out the Nutrition Facts of each meal.

We suggest you cook the ground beef/ground sausage first but you do not have to! We prefer it to be cooked first because all of the grease that you would normally drain will stay in the crockpot and it can change the texture of your meal. It is just a matter of preference.

Absolutely! We do not give specific cook times because every pressure cooker is different. You can easily find crockpot to pressure cooker conversion charts on Pinterest that are super helpful.


When you complete your first order, an account is automatically created, and then you will have the ability to view and manage your subscription.

Your subscription charge is based on the amount of product you select and the frequency of your orders.

No. Your subscription charge date is based on the date of your first order.

One meal per month is the minimum.

No! There is currently no limit to order size. However, if you are interested in a bulk order please feel free to contact us.

Just the first order! You can cancel after you have successfully fullfilled your initial sign-up order.

In the event that your subscription charge fails, we will attempt to process the charge 7 days after the failed attempt. If the charge fails on the second attempt then your subscription will be placed on hold and someone from our team will contact you. For additional questions please refer to our Terms & Conditions or contact us directly.

You can cancel your subscription by accessing your subscription on the customer portal and selecting "Cancel" at least 10 days before your next order. If it is within 10 days of your next order then you must wait until you are within the cancellation window. For additional questions please refer to our Terms & Conditions or contact us directly.

No! If you would like to make a one-time purchase at full cost then click here.