Bring Your Family back to the dinner table.

No prep work! Just add meat & GO!

Gluten free, keto, low carb, soy free, and dairy free options
Meals are picky eater approved
Flexible meal plans to fit your lifestyle.
6-8 servings per meal.
Ships nationwide

Busy with activities?
Tired of eating out?
Tired of eating the same thing?

That’s why our meal plans give you an effortless way to have a home cooked meal with your busy lifestyle.
Crockstar can help make dinner time effortless

Three easy steps to dinner

1.Order your meals

Order online and have them shipped to your home.
See In-store options in location tab.

2. Add meat

Add protein required, Crockstar meal packet, and any other item to your crockpot

3. Enjoy!

Enjoy your day while your effortless meal cooks in your crockpot

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Don’t skip the home cooked meals - change how you make them.

Crockstar replaces long grocery lists and long meal prep times with ingredients ready to put in your crockpot.

Come home from your long day with your home cooked meal ready to go.


Save time in the kitchen

Save money on your grocery list

Effortless meals to fit your busy lifestyle

Gluten Free, Keto, Low carb, soy free, dairy free

Cook the tasty dinner you deserve and still have time to do what you love!

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